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North Georgia area residents in search of an experienced, practical and knowledgeable divorce lawyer would do well to consider the services of Thomas P. Knox, longtime family law attorney in Forsyth County. For more than 25 years, this law firm has served local individuals, couples and families in search of effective family law solutions.

For thorough, clear guidance through these and other important legal issues in connection with your Georgia divorce, contact Forsyth County family lawyer Thomas P. Knox.

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Education is a large part of the services provided to clients of Thomas Knox & Associates seeking guidance through the divorce process. Property distribution is fundamental to every divorce. Understanding the process of achieving a fair distribution of assets is key to getting a workable divorce petition underway.

When there are minor children involved, child custody and child support orders must be included in the divorce decree. Alimony or spousal support may be appropriate, depending on the marital history as well as the financial needs and abilities of each spouse.

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If you are unsure whether divorce is right for you, you should probably be in earnest discussions with a marriage counselor. If, however, you are convinced that salvaging your marriage is no longer an option and you have concluded that you need a reasonable path to the dissolution of your marriage, attorney Thomas P. Knox invites your inquiry.

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