Skilled Counsel For Complex Divorce Matters

Approaching divorce, you may feel that your world is falling apart. Yet you believe from observing other people who have survived and thrived in spite of traumatic family changes that you, too, can get through to the other side with hope and optimism intact.

No matter how you have arrived at this point, you have reached the conclusion that divorce is the answer to your family problems. Perhaps you and your spouse have argued, negotiated, been through marriage counseling and discussed your options in depth — to no avail. Your differences have become irreconcilable. Or perhaps your wife or husband is uncooperative altogether. You have perhaps come to realize that divorce is largely a business deal in a sense: You need the peace of mind of disassociation from your spouse's debts and the freedom to build your own future with assets that will belong solely to you.

Where your minister, priest, rabbi, counselor and friends left off is where your divorce lawyer enters the picture: to guide you through the process of a divorce efficiently, cost-effectively and in your best interests.

Advocating For Your Interests Throughout The Divorce Process

Forsyth County residents contact our divorce lawyers at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, when they recognize that divorce is inevitable. Attorneys at our Cumming law firm aim to educate and advocate on behalf of people who are facing dissolution of marriage.

We are not in the practice of family law to talk anyone into or out of divorce. Rather, we help ensure that a client's well-being and rights are protected through all aspects and facets of a no-fault divorce in Georgia, contested or uncontested:

  • Inventory of assets and debts
  • Financial affidavit
  • Child support calculations
  • Child custody negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Determination of appropriateness of alimony for a spouse with less income and fewer opportunities to make a living
  • Preparation of statements you will make to a family law judge (when asking for alimony or protesting alimony) regarding your spouse's unfaithfulness, mental instability, abuse or squandering of marital assets
  • Preparation of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) for division of retirement benefits
  • Temporary protective orders
  • Other family law or related issues, such as guardianship

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