Securing Favorable Terms In Asset And Property Negotiations

Many conflicts arise when estranged spouses try to negotiate the terms of their asset and property agreement on their own. Finances and emotions are not the only issues that make it difficult to compromise. Misconceptions about Georgia's property division laws can complicate matters.

When negotiations fail, family court judges determine which spouse receives what. Relying on a judge to resolve disputes what can be expensive and time-consuming. In the end, parties may end up paying more to receive less.

Working with a qualified attorney can help you keep negotiations on track, limit your legal fees and increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable outcome. At Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, our attorneys have represented Forsyth County residents in negotiating sessions and in court for decades. We have the skill set you need to get the results you deserve for all of your divorce matters.

Customizing Our Representation According To Your Unique Circumstances

When couples divorce in Georgia, their property is not divided in half, with each spouse receiving the same sum. Georgia laws require property, assets and debt to divided fairly. Our attorneys develop strategies that take into account these factors:

  • The length of your marriage
  • Your financial needs
  • Elements that may affect your ability to earn an income, including your age, employment options and health
  • Legal contracts that protect assets and property, such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

Our lawyers strive to provide out-of-court solutions because we want you to retain as much control of the process and the terms of the agreement as possible. While other firms encourage their clients to prolong their fight over property and assets, our team does not support this costly approach. As your advocates, we are focused on assisting you and not accumulating unnecessary legal fees.

Work With An Attorney You Can Trust. Contact Us To Learn About Your Options Before You Enter Negotiations.

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