Learn More About The Financial Costs Associated With Divorce

Especially in today's challenging economy, many estranged couples find it difficult to move toward marital dissolution because of concerns about the costs of divorce. It is not uncommon for alienated spouses to live in different parts of a house that they cannot sell because they are upside down on the mortgage. They end up living in a type of legal and personal limbo, waiting for the economy to improve.

You and your spouse may have tried splitting up your marital home to live in, but find it uncomfortable to treat your former beloved life partner as a mere housemate. It is difficult to go on with your life after a marital breakup without completing a divorce. Prolonging a divorce because of cost considerations creates many hardships.

For these and other reasons, our legal team at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, makes a concerted effort to keep divorce affordable if at all possible. Our lawyers have provided economical representation to clients throughout Forsyth County for nearly three decades.

We take pride in our efforts to educate our clients on their options and the expenses connected to taking legal action. It is important to us that you are well-informed before you commit to a particular course of action. This is why we disclose these obligations.

Understand Your Financial Obligations Before You Take Legal Action

In addition to the indirect costs of a divorce (such as moving costs or loss on hasty real estate sales), direct costs may include:

  • Court fees
  • Service of a petition to a spouse by a sheriff
  • Attorney fees
  • Fees for expert witnesses when child support or alimony is requested or when one spouse suspects that the other has hidden assets such as offshore accounts

What you will not find at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, is unnecessary or unwarranted litigation. Our goal is not to see how much money we can make and you can spend, but rather to help you obtain a divorce with the least amount of emotional strain and expense.

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