Designing An Aggressive Strategy To Get The Alimony Or Spousal Support You Deserve

Before your divorce or separation, you and your spouse worked as a team to reach your goals. Your work outside the home and within it helped your family succeed. Now, as you are dissolving your marriage, it is necessary to fight to receive the spousal support you deserve.

Unlike child support payments, former spouses are not required to pay alimony after they divorce in Georgia. Additionally, the state does not have an official formula to determine monthly or lump-sum payments for those who need financial assistance. Retaining a knowledgeable attorney improves the likelihood that you will receive a favorable court order.

Our divorce lawyers at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, design creative legal strategies so that you have the means to succeed after your divorce. We are committed to securing favorable terms that encourage your financial stability, whether the monthly payments are temporary, long term or given in a lump sum. We have used our legal knowledge to benefit many residents throughout Forsyth County.

Using A Range Of Factors To Support Your Alimony Petition

When you hire our skilled trial attorneys, we will examine your family's financial circumstances and your needs. We use this information to create a compelling argument for your case.

We highlight these factors when we advocate for you in court:

· Your contributions to your family's well-being

· The years dedicated to your marriage

· Your former standard of living

· The training or education you will need to establish your independence

· Your earning potential according to your age, health and educational background

In addition to advising you on matters related to establishing alimony, our lawyers are also qualified to represent clients for alimony enforcement and modifications. Our legal team is dedicated to promoting your welfare years after your divorce has been finalized. Talk to us today to see how we can help.

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