Wise Financial Decisions To Make Before You Divorce

Constant and heated fights with your spouse may lead you to consider filing for divorce. Before you begin this process, however, it is wise to take steps to protect your income, property and assets. The preparations you make today can lessen financial headaches you face tomorrow.

At Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, we advise Forsyth County families at all stages of separation and divorce. For over two decades, our Georgia attorneys have developed detailed legal strategies that address a variety of issues that arise over the course of this process.

When you hire us, our lawyers will listen to your story and explain your choices so that you can make the best decisions based on your circumstances. We are committed to educating our clients because we want to put you in position to succeed after your divorce.

These Steps Can Help You Protect Your Finances

It is important to get your finances in order whether you decide to take legal action or not. Accomplishing these tasks will help put yourself in a position of control and make you more aware of what you own:

1. Find and secure your important financial records and documents. Mortgages, credit card statements and bank account statements should be photocopied and stored in a safe location away from your home.

2. Open a bank account in your name at a bank that is not connected with a family account.

3. Open a credit card account in your name to begin building your own credit. Establishing a good credit score can help you secure loans with good interest rates.

4. Obtain a copy of your credit report and then freeze your credit. Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are all required to provide free annual reports. These reports can show you which accounts are associated with your name. Freezing your credit report prevents others from accessing your personal information or opening accounts in your name.

Promoting your long-term welfare is our number one goal. Together, we can establish a plan that helps you determine how to achieve your goals.

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