Protect Your Long-Term Interests By Avoiding Social Media During Divorce

Going through divorce can be one of the most stressful periods of a person's life. It is not only the emotional aspects that can affect your frame of mind, financial and legal factors contribute as well. During this overwhelming time, you can make snap decisions that you may later regret.

Our attorneys at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC, understand the strain you feel when you are dissolving your marriage bond. For over two decades, we have led North Georgia families through the divorce process efficiently and effectively.

You can count on us to focus on your long-term welfare when we advise you on your options and the consequences of your actions. This honest communication can prevent slip-ups that could negatively affect your settlement.

Steer Clear Of These Social Media Mistakes During Divorce

Many people turn to social media when they are in need encouragement from friends and family. Divorce lawyers recognize social media's draw and scour it for evidence to use against you during negotiations.

These are common errors you should avoid when you are online:

1. You assume your privacy settings restrict unwanted visitors. Attorneys can use other profiles to access your updates. In many cases, judges will rule that posts can be used as evidence in custody disputes or for other family law conflicts.

2. You want to share pictures of your long-deserved vacation. If you are involved in child or spousal support negotiations, documenting large purchases can influence how payments are calculated.

3. You believe that deleting disparaging comments about your estranged spouse will erase them forever. All of the information you share online is saved even after you delete it. Social media companies store this data in servers. Savvy attorneys know how to obtain court orders to receive this information that can be used as evidence and taken out of context to help their clients.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or another outlet may help you connect quickly with your friends when you are struggling with your divorce. However, you will be better served by taking your conversations offline.

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