Streamlining Your Uncontested Divorce

To potential clients of Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC: Uncontested divorce lawyers at the law firm are well prepared to advise and guide you through all aspects and phases of your coming marital dissolution.

Many couples approach our law firm stating that they agree on all points of property division and child custody, and they wish to file an uncontested divorce. We explain that we are well prepared to facilitate an uncontested divorce, but that we can represent only one spouse or the other, not both. Our attorneys advise the other spouse to get his or her own lawyer or to go into court pro se, representing himself or herself.

Helping You Conclude Your Divorce In A Timely Fashion

Our lawyers advise clients on rules, procedures and general guidelines for preparing an uncontested divorce that a judge will accept. We help people filing uncontested divorces save time and avoid unnecessary revisions that a family law court judge might demand. Our Georgia divorce lawyers know, based on years of experience, what family law judges are likely to approve or reject.

Although a husband and wife have some latitude in divorce agreements, there are legal parameters that their agreements must comply with. Divorcing spouses cannot override or circumvent state statutes such as child support obligations, even if they claim to agree on a deviation from the law.

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