Helping You Obtain Divorce Modifications

With proper planning, most people can identify and avoid troublesome situations. It is not possible to anticipate all conflicts, however. Georgia courts recognize this fact, which is why judges will modify terms of a divorce settlement when certain conditions are met.

You may believe that changes in your circumstances justify a modification to the terms of custody, child support or alimony agreement. In order receive a judge's approval, however, you need to follow necessary steps and provide appropriate documentation. If you have limited experience with this process, you may struggle to get the results you seek.

When you are considering legal action but do not know where to begin, you can rely on our family law attorneys at Thomas Knox & Associates, LLC. Throughout Forsyth County, our lawyers are known for commitment to their clients' needs. Our legal team will take the time to inform you of your options in this process and all possible alternatives because we understand that you may have questions about modifying orders.

By Your Side Throughout The Modification Process

For over 25 years, we have used our extensive understanding of the law to navigate complex procedures efficiently. We represent clients seeking divorce modifications:

Custody Modifications Related To:

· Changes in visitation schedule

· Out-of-state relocations

· Emergency situations such as dangerous living conditions, suspected child abuse or suspected drug use

Support And Alimony Modifications Related To:

· Change in income, as a result of a promotion or job loss

· Unforeseen health issues

You and your estranged spouse may have already made changes to your custody or support orders. Without a formal order, however, a judge will not enforce these informal modifications. If your child's parent violates an out-of-court modification, you may not have recourse.

It Is Risky To Rely On Informal Custody Or Support Agreements. Contact Us To Take The Appropriate Steps To Ensure Your Contract Is Enforceable.

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