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Can I be awarded alimony even though I have a job?

Alimony is a payment made from one spouse to another after divorce. Historically, alimony was paid by a husband to his ex-wife who had worked in the home during their marriage. Today, alimony is still used to help balance the economic effects of divorce by requiring the higher-wage-earner to financially support the lower-wage-earner after divorce.

A court can award either temporary or permanent alimony. However, not all divorces result in alimony payments, and when a court does award alimony, the amount it awards can vary significantly. Because every situation is unique, it can be beneficial to understand the factors that Georgia courts often consider when making decisions about alimony.

Gray divorce has doubled since 1990

Divorce can happen at any stage of life, but no matter the age it’s an emotional and complicated road. “Gray divorce” refers to couples over 50 choosing to divorce and it’s at its highest rate ever. In the last 25 years, the divorce rate for people age 50-64 has doubled.

So, what’s behind this trend and why is it becoming more common? One researcher suggests that our expectations of marriage have changed over the years. Previously, a goal was to be a good provider or a good homemaker in a marriage, but now we are looking at how the marriage contributes to our happiness.

Studies show Georgia dads get significantly less custody time

Many often stereotype the typical American family as having a father that works constantly to provide for his family while the mother spends more time caring for the children. While the dynamics heavily vary between different families these days, that image is still present in the minds of many. It is that same image that has cost so many American fathers custody of their child.

Recently, a company that sells custody divorce software named Custody X Change conducted research to see which states give fathers less custody of their children. They did this by analyzing the state’s laws and finding the most frequent custody schedules in the state’s most popular county. Unfortunately, Georgia did not fare well on the study. They determined that the Peach State often gives fathers 23.5 percent of custody during the year, which is the fifth lowest in the nation. Fathers facing custody proceedings should be aware of the most common custody schedule used and what they can do to get more time with their kids.

Social media may affect the divorce process

We live in a constantly connected world. It’s easy to use social media as an emotional outlet. If you are going through a divorce, it might be especially tempting to vent your feelings online. Confiding in a close circle of family and friends is helpful during a painful time. It’s important to keep in mind the average Facebook user has about 338 friends. In saying that, it’s best to think twice about your next status or post. You want your thoughts to be heard. But by how many?

Can prenups be helpful in uncontested divorces

If you pay attention to pop culture, you probably have noticed the lack of celebrity weddings being planned for this summer. Perhaps no one wanted to be overshadowed by the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or that marriage is no longer en vogue as it was a generation ago.

Regardless, news of celebrity prenuptial agreements has primarily been non-existent. For those unfamiliar with prenuptial agreements, they are essentially contracts that people seeking to get married enter into that established rules for how the parties will conduct themselves in the event of a divorce.  


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