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Social media may affect the divorce process

We live in a constantly connected world. It’s easy to use social media as an emotional outlet. If you are going through a divorce, it might be especially tempting to vent your feelings online. Confiding in a close circle of family and friends is helpful during a painful time. It’s important to keep in mind the average Facebook user has about 338 friends. In saying that, it’s best to think twice about your next status or post. You want your thoughts to be heard. But by how many?

What should you avoid posting?

Bashing – First and foremost, especially when children are involved, hold off on bashing your ex-partner. By saying mean, negative things about them online, you will hurt more than one person. Some friends and family might be supporting both spouses in a divorce. Pressuring them to essentially choose a side creates uncomfortable tension. To avoid starting any unnecessary battles, keep your status short and civil.

Oversharing – Divorce is complicated. Emotions are stirred. Tough decisions are presented. A lot is on the line. Sharing personal details with a massive online audience can create drama. At this point, you don’t need more added to your plate.

Spying – During a marriage, there’s a chance your spouse gave you passwords to some their social accounts. It’s tempting to check in on what they are doing and who they are talking to. This situation can go downhill fast. Remember that your actions might have legal repercussions.

You want to give the other person space and privacy. While it’s wise to not block them, avoid checking their page too often.

Deleting – It’s normal to want a fresh start after a divorce. But don’t jump the gun. The court considers all posts, pictures, statuses and messages as evidence. If you delete something, the court can assume the worst. In this case, you might acquire a spoiled reputation. A spoiled reputation means you destroyed legal evidence. It also means big trouble for you and your lawyer.

An amicable divorce process is the best route for most couples. Regardless, we are only human and make mistakes. Social media can be a dangerous tool during a divorce Always remember to think twice about what you post. It’s important to avoid bragging, but it’s acceptable to speak positively about yourself. You don’t have cut out social media completely. If used in a careful matter, it can helpful during the legal process.

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