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Studies show Georgia dads get significantly less custody time

Many often stereotype the typical American family as having a father that works constantly to provide for his family while the mother spends more time caring for the children. While the dynamics heavily vary between different families these days, that image is still present in the minds of many. It is that same image that has cost so many American fathers custody of their child.

Recently, a company that sells custody divorce software named Custody X Change conducted research to see which states give fathers less custody of their children. They did this by analyzing the state’s laws and finding the most frequent custody schedules in the state’s most popular county. Unfortunately, Georgia did not fare well on the study. They determined that the Peach State often gives fathers 23.5 percent of custody during the year, which is the fifth lowest in the nation. Fathers facing custody proceedings should be aware of the most common custody schedule used and what they can do to get more time with their kids.

Fulton fathers fall behind

Georgia is not part of the top 20 states because it does not have any laws to help evenly divide the custody. Custody X Change got their information from the Atlanta Legal Aid Society’s 2007 statistics, which was the latest they could obtain.

The standard schedule Georgia courts would give fathers would give them custody on the first and third weekends of the month from Friday at 6 p.m. to Sunday at 6 p.m. Unlike other states that give them the majority of the custody during the summer or dividing it evenly with the mother, Fulton County only gives the child 4 full weeks to spend with their dads during this time.

When it comes to non-summer holidays, fathers only get to spend time with their children during the even years while mothers got them during the odd. The only exception is Father’s Day, but like the weekends and all the other holidays, this would only last up to 6 p.m. before the child returns home to the mother.

Going above the odds

Georgia is ranked so low on the list because other states that lacked the 50 percent policy had at least one advantage over Fulton County. Some states gave custody to the fathers for all weekends and some were not so meticulous when it came to summer and holiday schedules. While the schedule is not applicable for all Georgia fathers, it is concerning coming from the state’s most popular county in a study that came from this year.

This means that Georgian fathers will have to go the extra mile in preparing for their custody arguments. Try to make as much time for your child as you can and demonstrate to them you are a caring and trustworthy guardian. The court determines custody based on the child’s best interest and relationship to their parents, so prove to them that your kid needs their dad as much as they need their mom.

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